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Right, so I've got a Pioneer DEH-2100UB headunit which I've had for quite a few years and just installed a SONY XM-ZR604 3/4 channel amp which I've got a pair of nice Infinity 6x9's hooked up to channel 1/2 and a kicker 12" sub bridged to channels 3/4...

Problem is that the 6x9's are **** rinsing but the sub is barely audible at all. Even with the gain on channels 3/4 cranked up to max it's pitiful and the 6x9's are creating more bass than the sub.

I've put a miltimeter across the sub and it's reading 4 ohms which is normal (its a new sub and amp...) and even tried the 6x9's on channels 3 & 4 and there's nothing wrong with the amp outputs so what could it be?

I've only got one pair of RCA outs on the back of my head unit - would this be the culprit as the amp has two pairs, one each for channels 1/2 & 3/4 - I just bought a pair of rca splitters to split it on the amp.

I know some head units have a separate sub level rca output, but my last old pioneer head unit only had 1 pair of rca outs and I had an amp and two subs running off that with no issues...


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I've personally never understood why people need to put in 6x9 Speakers in car audio setups, if they already have a sub in the boot.

Anyway, try and set all the level inputs on the amp to minimum, and set the output level on the headunit to about 3/4, put all other setting to zero as in bass treble balance fader EQ, then find a cd track with lots of bass output and play on repeat.

From this, slowly turn up the amp output level on sub first, till you think it's kicking nicely to not too much.

Then turn up the level on the other channels again till its playing nicely but not over powering the sub.

Hopefully, it should balance both of them out and should have something sounding better

Let me know

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