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Lw On Avensis

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Evening all - i have just entered the world of Toyota ownership having collected my first ever Toyota vehicle yesterday - an 09 plate Avensis 2.0DTR Tourer.

The car is such a better car than my old Mondeo its replaced - just had one question though. Am I correct in saying that you cannot access Long Wave radio, only MW and FM? I tried to find it (as sometimes on the same search as MW on some cars) As Im a cricket fan i would be disappointed if i couldn't listen on TMS on Radio 4 LW.....

If not i suppose it could be accessed through digital radio, but would need a DAB ariel fitted - any idead on the cost of this?

Thanks in advance!

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LW radio is becoming obsolete.

Certain (hand-made) parts in LW transmitters are no longer produced and would cost a fortune to replace.

Broadcast stations are moving away from Long Wave radio since decades, and therefore most equipment producers omit LW at all.

DAB is definately the way to go and will eventually even replace analog FM.

Talk to your local car audio specialist for DAB possibilities and prices.

There is one in Norfolk.

A good DAB roof top aerial is somewhere between 60 - 100 pounds, excluding installation.

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