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High Battery Drain Ecu?

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With reference to my previous posting of 2/8/12 and the subsequent delay (due to a spell in Hospital) I thought I would let you know of any progress?

I disconnected the Battery and gave a full trickle charge and measured the current flow when my Avensis 07 petrol car is all closed up. Disconnecting the alternator made no difference and as suggested by junebug 1701 I then commenced to extract and replace the fuses in turn. On extracting fuse 5 the drain dropped down from 0.5A to 8mA. The owner’s handbook states that fuse 5 is:-

DCC 30A "ECU-B 2" "DOME" and "RAD NO2" fuses

Not sure on the meaning of DOME ect. but I presume that the ECU refers to the Engine Control Unit, looking at other postings it is quite frightening as to the replacement cost. The engine has no problems in starting and running with good all round performance and about 40mpg.So I am still a little puzzled.

Any advice would be appreciated and many thanks for taking the time to read this.


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