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Every Warning Light On!

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Hi. This is a bit of a shot in the dark, so I hope someone can help.

I have a 2008 Toyota Highlander V6, which is essentially a Lexus RX 350 under a different name.

Every warning light you can imagine appears on the dash and centre display from ABS, to traction control, 4 wheel drive, airbags etc.

The car has been plugged in at Toyota in Peterborough but isn't showing any fault codes.

The car was imported from New Zealand so the speedo was in km/h only.

Upon arrival a new mph/km/h fascia was Layed over the existing instrument cluster.

When the unit was refitted to the dash this was when the warning lights appeared.

Also, the fuel gauge fluctuates During the course of driving the car, the speedo doesn't needle doesn't move, the rev counter needle doesn't move. The unit DOES light up when the ignition is turned on.

It has been indicated by another independent that possibly whomever changed the fascia also tried to alter the odometer from kms to miles and whilst they had it plugged in may have "corrupted the data" in te instrument cluster.

He indicated that if this is the case, as the instrument cluster controls a lot of what goes on in the car, this may be the reason for all the warning lights and messages.

His cure suggestion is a new instrument cluster, but at £900 on special order from the factory, and a non-returnable part, it's a big gamble to take if that's not right and in fact we should be looking elsewhere.

Does anybody have any idea if the info we have been given is correct, or does anyone know either what else it may be, or better still can someone point me in the direction of a specialist in the UK who maybe able to help.

Thank you in advance!!!

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Have you asked the guy that changed the facia panel what he did?

If he tried to convert it to mph and fubarred it up then surely it's down to them

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