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54 Plate Yaris, Key Fob Battery And Radio Questions

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First one should be easy, if I replace the Battery in the remote key fob, do I need to resync the fob to the car in any way or is it a straight Battery swap?

Second one may be more difficult. On my car, all the radio present buttons at the bottom work based on whatever stations are stored on them, the station plays, the display shows the time (incorrectly!), radio station etc. but none of the buttons near the top (DISP., AM/FM etc) function at all so I cannot manually change frequency, station time etc.

Also, the steering wheel controls don't seem to work.

I am not very electronically minded so don't realy know where to begin. Anyone come across this before?


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Hi, although this is an old post, I can probably help with both questions, or the benefit of others. Sometimes the Battery replacement is OK, sometimes not. To re-sync the fob to the car, this seems to work apparrently (will try it tomorrow - a bit late now)

Radio and CD controls bad: typical symptoms are that station cannot be changed, and CD tracks cannot be changed. The cause is usually one or both of the TA or AS buttons on the left side sticking in the depressed position. The most common cause is those horrible car perfume things that stick into the grille - if they drip (you often don't notice this) and it dries in the buttons, it makes them stick. This affects the button/select logic. To unstick, GENTLY use a knife to pull them back, and try something like WD40 or sticky-stuff remover to stop them sticking back in (just dribble a small amount in behind each stuck button via a knife blade or similar guide). Then keep tapping the buttons until they feel free, and do not stay in (you might havre to tap them for a good 10 minutes to become fully free). I cannot guarrantee this will work, and too much WD or other release fluid MIGHT damage the radio buttons further. BUT: if your radio/cd player is not working anyway - what have you got to lose? Just be aware of the possible risk. Good Luck - TD

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