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moody porsche man

Spare Key Problem

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Hi guys

I took a tip from the forum and bought a blank key from ebay. The spare key i had, the buttons were in poor condition and difficult to push.

The blank turned up and i took the alarm/central locking transmitter from my spare key and fitted it into the new blank with no problem.

I then took the bank and had it cut and this is when the problems started. The key is difficult to push into the ignition as if its a little too thick, it does go in and turns but although the engine turns over it will not fire ?.

Its as if the metal part of the key has a chip or something in that my new blank does not have.

Any ideas guys ?

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yep, you've met the immobiliser. there is a chip in the key that is read by the immobiliser and decides where to enable the ignition and fuel pump. you need to learn the chip to the immoiliser. not sure how to do it on a 4.3 note that the immobiliser is nothing to do with learning the rmote central locking, the two systems are seperate, bar sharing the smae key guts.

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