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Bluetooth - Music Albums

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Have paired my Galaxy S3 with the sat-nav in my Auris and I can play music but only from whatever album is already selected on the phone.

The "album" button that the manual says should be there isn't displayed.

Tried sticking all the music in one folder and that lets me get at all the files at once, but as one massive list you can only go through one at a time, alphabetically.

Any ideas if there's anything extra I need to do to get it treating albums as albums?

(Sat-nav is the factory fitted one with a DVD,the generation 08?)

Playback also seems very quiet... but I can live with that.

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Yep, same on the iPhone, iPod & iPad (tried 'em all)... so much for full integration as per the brochure!

It looks like we're stuck with what we have - I kicked up a storm with the dealer when I found that the connection wasn't as per the brochure / manual and took it right up to Toyota GB ad got absolutely nowhere. Fabulous customer service and focus from all concerned!

As for your quiet music, it could be that the volume on your phone isn't set at maximum for the bluetooth headset connection (the car is just behaving like a pair of giant headphones). Hope that helps.


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Playlists work with the iPhone 4S, ie. choosing the playlist on the phone plays it through the car over BT, with all the info displaying on the screen, and the ability to skip/search tracks using the scan buttons...(Prius 2010 model)

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Indeed, choosing the playlist on the phone, but you were supposed to be able to jump from playlist to playlist and album to album using the car to control the iPhone. Another piece of Toyota misinformation to get you to buy expensive accessories! Ho-hum...

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Cheers Dave.

Had a HTC Desire before this phone but never bothered to put any music on it so don't know if that would have been better/worse.

Will have a play around with setting up play lists...

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