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Expensive Avensis Parts

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I have a seven year old Avensis and part of the interior - the plastic console area surrounding the gear lever (which contains the ashtray) - was irreparably damaged by an Ambi Pur air freshener that wasn't inserted correctly.

I called my dealership, explained the position and was delighted (NOT!) to hear that a replacement part would cost £600, plus £150 labour.

As the car is fairly old, I decided to surf the internet and found the exact same part (used but in excellent condition) for £39! The guy who sold it to me explained how to replace the old one, which took no more than five minutes of my time, and could have been done by my youngest son! £711 saved...

The in-built crap-nav also needs replacing because the LED on one side has blown and the display is almost unreadable. Toyota's price - £2,250 including labour! I've now obtained one from the same source as the first part, for £199!

This has been a very educational exercise for me - it's certainly taught me a lesson!

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Its always been the way with Toyota trim parts...

I was amazed how cheap bits of interior trim were for a 5 year old M3 vs, a much older supra/Hilux!

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