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[Question] Exhaust Piping E9

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Hi there guys!

I'm planning to change my exhaust pipe that is after the catalyst and before the muffler because it's very rusty. So I've managed to measure the pipe diameter which is 63mm.

My question is:

Can I remove my catalyst and just put there a 63mm stainless pipe and put sport muffler length 420mm, connection 63mm.

Is there going to be any power loss or something bad for the engine or it's good to do thingy :>

Thanks in advance. :)


I'll update my topic about the vacuum piping with the exact vacuum piping scheme as soon as I have some time, which I've managed to sort out, and the engine is running smooth, fuel consumption is now lower and it regain some power!

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I totally forgot to put the engine code :blushing: It's 2E (1,295 cc, 12 valve, carb,). And I don't know why but mine is 63mm.. Maybe the owner before me made some "Bulgarization" on the car.. (That's what we call people who use altered parts from other brand car.)

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So, 45mm pipe from the Catalyst to the muffler and it'll be ok? I mean if it's as you say I have to gain power, because right now it's 63mm pipe there :>

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