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Need Help Re: Keys / Immobiliser

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Hello to everyone, just joined to see if anyone has had a similar problem that i've got.

The inside of my keys (remote) has been lost, I dont have a spare either. I've got the actual key itself but not the grey remote box INSIDE the key casing (2 buttons)

I thought it would be ok but when I tried starting the car it wouldn't start, only then I realised it was the immobiliser. When you insert the key normally it sends a signal to the ECU (i think) that its the right key, but I've not got the electronic part of the key !

the toyota dealer quoted me 1200.00 to replace the keys/ ecu immobiliser chip, there's no way I can pay that though.....

Is there anyway of dealing with this cheaply :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated !!

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not good news I'm afraid mate. I've just been through the key replacement exercise with my Corolla... got it all going again but it cost me £600! The important sequence is key talks to ignition, ignition talks to ECU, turn key, engine fires and remote locking works. I had to get the ECU manufacturer (in my case Zendo) then found a scrappy selling, ignition barrel with key AND ECU (Zendo). Paid them £160, got it all fitted for £150.... Toyota garage wanted £800 to replace the ignition components.... result :)

If you want to try this path start with I never recommend anything but these people did everything they promised and saved me a fortune (I've bought a spare remote key now, programmed and supplied for £ :)

Good Luck

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