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P/x Prices.


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Was in my local dealer today and thought ok new Yaris SR D4D looks good...

So price up my 2010 D4D TR Yaris with only 14K miles.

O dear.

Even "we buy any car.com" offered me more than the dealer.

So was this a Toyota dealer thing?

Round to Skoda. Dont larf!

They offered me nearly a grand more in p/x than Toyota.

AND the Fabia Monte Carlo 1.6 Diesel 105bhp was £2.5k cheaper.

Road test was very interesting.

So will think on a bit.

Any one have any thoughts?


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It's not the PEx price that matters. It's the net cost to change. So you may get an offer £1k more from one dealer and pay full list price and with another get £1k less but a £1k discount on the new price.

Also it depends if the dealer has made his month's target.

Buying at the start of a month is the worst time as discounts are low. But if it's the 30th September and the dealer needs to sell 1 more car to hit his target (and get a huge £1000s bonus from the manufacturer) then you are more likely to get a discount.

Also depends on how well or otherwise dealer is doing selling his model range. Desperate dealers give better deals. (See Vauxhall)

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Yaris SR D4D thats what Im looking at now.

But the Skoda Fabia is very tempting.

"cost to change" Yes most important thing.

But it still comes down to what you get for yours.

Juggle the figures any way you like.

Yaris to change £7885.

Fabia 1.6 Monte Carlo to change £5632.


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