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Auris D4D T3 New Owner - Couple Of Questions

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Hello to All

I have an Auris D4D T3 2008, the car is immaculate with one owner and full TSH, the Auris is used by the wife and was test driven by her also, Having returned from working away Ive had the chance to give the car a good run out, about an hour in total mixed town driving and motorway, I was very impressed with the engine and the 6 speed box, the car feels like new @ 68000miles. However there are 2 issues tha are eating away at me.

Slow turning manuevers (5mph) - Knock/Click from steering column - I have read through a couple of threads and it seems to be a common issue. Can anyone advise if this fault is infact common and will Toyota help me out with the fix?

Engine flat spot/Lag/Hesitant - This is most evident in 2nd gear but ive felt in 3rd and 4th also, pulling away in 1st feels fine change in to 2nd and accelerate initialy the car pulls away strong and then lags/hesitates for less than a second and then pulls like a train. again ive read through some threads and seem to be getting mixed direction from existing posts.

Worth mentioning - I have driven behind the wife and have seen a slight puff of black smoke on acceleration, very slight.

Any advice would be great, the Wife is in love with the car and I would rather keep it and get it fixed as its such a nice example than go back to the seller (Trade) and start an arguement as I work away and dont have the time to persue the seller for assistance.

Thanks in advance


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I have also had a similar noise mainly on slow speed right hand turns and passenger has felt through footwell. Sounds like worn CV or driveshaft clicking which picks up dependent on road speed.

It was checked out by dealer but I could not replicate no matter what i did last time they looked at it.

I have seen that RAV 4 has a Technical Service Bulletin about suspension / steering shaft / rack issues is there the equivalent TSB for Auris?

My car has passed 2 MOT with this issue but it does not feel right having a noise vibration.

I will bring it up when it goes back for next service so would like some TSB type info if possible to support my claim.


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The steering knock is a common problem and it has TSB about it. They fix it either with some bearings or the whole steering column.

The lag you say is pretty personal feeling. For me there could be no lag at all, but for you... The car has a turbo and it's a diesel, lag is to be expected. Try an Avensis with same engine and you'll see what is lag. You could expect the lag in low RPM, till 1800 even less depending on the slope.

Do some search on both your questions and I do believe you will find an answer.

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