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Old Corolla

Diesel Corolla Srd Suddenly Getting Poor Mpg

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Hi, I have a 1995 Corolla SRD with the 2c diesel engine.

I've owned it since new and it has always done 40 to 42 MPG but I noticed the fuel gauge seemed to be dropping a bit quicker than normal recently and I've worked out that it is now doing only 32 MPG.

Any ideas as to the cause?

I've been underneath, there are no leaks and it drives the same as it always has, no loss of power or anything. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Have you checked the basics ?

Clogged air filter

Diesel fuel filter needs changing

Try running a fuel system cleaner through it - normally makes a difference.

I sold my srd a few years ago with 240,000 miles on the clock and was still doing around 40 mpg.

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Hi and thanks for the advice.

I've checked all the basics, new fuel, Oil and and air filters and Oil change and I added a bottle of injector cleaner at the last fill up, which I do every now and then anyway.

Still getting poor mpg and now it is idling rough as well. It starts OK and is nice and smooth until the wax idler closes when the engine is hot and then it starts idling rough.

A friend suggested there might be a cracked fuel pipe sucking in air so I sprayed WD40 around the fuel pipes to see if the revs picked up but they didn't.

I'm now thinking it could be something more serious (and more expensive!) so if anyone has any more ideas or suggestions they would be much appreciated.


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