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Airbag Light Is On (Intermittent Issue) - 2002 Corolla

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On the Mrs' car the airbag light is sometimes continuously on. It can go for days at a time being off and then come on for a day or three and then go off for a few days again.

This seemed to start being an issue after the interior light was left on, drained the Battery and then I jump started the car.

So far this has just been an advisory at MOT but I understand it will soon be a fail if I MOT the car on a day when it's on in future.

I've tried to read the error codes using Torque and a bluetooth ELM327 OBDII reader but it doesn't show any faults.

Do I need a different code reader?

Any ideas where to start? I found some instructions suggesting I could reset it but don't fancy bridging terminals unless someone can confirm that they work:



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Mine comes on now and again, usually when i've had people riding in the back so its probably something to do with the passenger seat connection for me.

I usually reset by pulling out the two 15 amp fuses in the engine bay, or failing that taking out the 20 amp one behind the glove box responsible for the SRS system (check your manual). Although its obviously not solving the problem, but i dont fancy forking out for a new SRS control unit unless its on constantly.

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