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Adam C

Yaris Brake Drum Rust

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Hi everyone

My 2008 TR has rust taking over the rear drums and is ruining the look of the car.

I am thinking of painting them black again but wondering if anyone's done this before, which would be the best way?

Someone at work mentioned removing them and rubbing down with a wire brush or something. But then which paint is best - spray or pot & brush?

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I did mine 6 years ago (!) and touched up last year.

No need to remove from car.

Electric drill and wire brush: remove all loose rust.

Rust killer such as Jenolite. (Leave to dry : 1 hour at least. You may want to refit wheel and carry on with next while waiting)

Smooth Hammerite when dry. Takes at least 1 hour to dry.


When using Hammerite I did not paint the surface where the wheel bolts on as the paint will fuse to the wheel under braking heat. Just Coppaslip or other copper grease thinly.

If you do a good preparation job, paint last 3-4 years and then odd bits break off with rust.. touch up job.

Choose a warm day or you will be hours waiting for bits to dry.

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Brilliant, thank you for your reply Madasafish, much appreciated. My plan for Sunday, should it be dry

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