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1994 Previa 2.4 Petrol Manual Gearbox Advice

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Hi All,

Any advice to the following problem would be gratefully received.

I have a problem in my wife's 2.4 petrol manual previa.

It has begun to stick in gear!

Select reverse, reverse back, depress clutch attempt to change to first and it won't come out of reverse. The only way to get it out of reverse is to switch of the engine which then seems to release it. The same is happening from first to second.

The clutch is biting at the half way point, and I have been advised this means it is probably the gearbox detent.

Is this a fixable problem, or will this require a new gearbox?

If this is fixable any advice on where to get a replacement and any diagrams on replacement process would be very much appreciated.



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