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Vibration At Low Speed When Changing Gears And At Idle

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Hi all,

Not a major issue i think but starting to bug me so i thought id throw it out there to see if anyone could suggest a fix.

got a 2.2 d4d nearing 100k had head gasket done at about 70k.

noticed recently when changing from 1st to 2nd and to 3rd that when i take foot off accelerator i get a vibration. i also notice it when im idle, and accelertae to say 1500 revs and take foot off pedal. happens when clutch is in or out.

dont think its clutch, when car is idling its sweet. cleaned out egr valve today which was completely clogged. cant find anything loose, seems to be coming from left but really not sure of that. adjusted bonnet rubbers as the bonnet was a little loose but still there.

Was thinking injectors but would have thought that idle would be rough if they were misfiring.

Any ideas?

btw... noticed my coolant was lower today..... got my fingers crossed its not the head gasket going again!!!!!!

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