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2000 Verso Fun, A Year In Pics

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This thread is sort of a summary of this year so far with my daily.. I have a couple of old Daihatsus, some RWD Toyotas and some VWs. The Verso is great for me as I can haul pretty much anything, car parts, bikes, camping gear etc. Great to have when the other cars take a crap. This year I was gonna build a white 4-door Golf Mk3, right about now it should have had leathers, coils, wheels etc.. It's still bone stock.. I blame this Toyota - I got side tracked with it :P

In January it looked like this, only mods were a Rav4 stubby antenna and a JDM Funcargo Badge, other badges removed:


A typical day - driven through heavy snowstorms for a couple hours. Norway gets a little crazy sometimes:


The more I drove the car, the more I needed a change. I love the car to death, my dad bought it new and I won't part with it easily. After reading up on Scion xB and Yaris similarities I figured they use the same strut mounts and xB coilovers are easily obtainable.. I pulled the trigger on a set of used Tein coils from the States, they came in as the snow had cleared in March. Old junk vs quality:


The car right before it lost its virginity:


The first picture with the coilovers freshly mounted. Not really visibly low, but handled like a boss compared to earlier. I was happy :)


Threw on a set of 16" Audi-look wheels I had to clean it up a bit:


Picked up a set of cheap Borbet Ts (7.5J and 9Jx16) for my white Mk3, couldn't resist throw them on the daily just for fun:


They were quickly off the car again though as it looked goofy with the ride height I had at the time.. Lowered the car some more up front, threw on the stockies again and embarked on a road trip. This summer the car took me through Europe, ending up in Cyprus. A picture at Aphrodite's rock, Petra Tou Romeo, CY - the southernmost point it's ever been so far.. Same car as in first pics, from -20C to +40C:


On the way back, through the Carpathian basin, aka the Great Hungarian Plains:


Car held up really well on the 6000 mile trip. When I came home I (naturally) couldn't resist the urge to lower it some more and throw on the Borbets again. Much better now I think. Sits like this as of now:


I have to order a new spring perch for the rear as one side is seized. I also need camber shims and perhaps 8s in the back to be able to go as low as I'd like, but we'll see. It's still a daily.. Currently sits at 180k km/112k miles, I've put on 22k since January and the year is not over. It's been an enjoyable one so far :) I'm not done with this car, stay tuned I guess..

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