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Hub Nuts

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Just about to change my drive shaft Oil seal when I realised I would need a long 30mm socket !!!!

Guess what, every tool shop for miles only stocks 6 point sockets over about 28mm, so its on order.

Meanwhile I discovered the staked Toyota hub nut. Previous staked nuts I have come across stake a non threaded part of the bolt. Toyota stake a threaded part which is thick steel and a !Removed! to un-stake.

I used a modified ground screwdriver bit, lots of hammering later most of the stake is up. However its its obviously buggered the portion of thread in the stake. Is this likely to screw up the drive shaft thread when I unscrew the nut, or will the driveshaft thread just re-cut this portion. The nut seems pretty hard ?

Is there an easier was to remove these nuts, what tools do people use to unstake them ?

Would it be better to dremel out this section, to avoid any chance of damaging the axle thread?

What happened to good old fashion castle nuts and split pins !!

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I never undid them when I last did a DMF. I undid the lower ball joints and pulled the whole shaft back complete with the hub. However, the drivers side is very long and goes right through the gearbox. I got somebody to pull it back while I mauled the shaft out of the diff. Use axle stands.

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Thanks Anchorman, teach me to follow the manual, I should of thought of looking for a short cut.

Anyway I am not happy with my attempt at removing the stake in nut :hammer: .

So as soon as my 30mm deep socket arrives I am going to dremel out a section of the nut around the stake to ensure I do not bugger the thread when I undo it.

The new seal looked a real pig to insert, so I called in a favour from a friend who has a lath and now have a mk1 LH RAV 4.2 seal inserter.

All good fun and keeps me off the streets

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