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Hi everyone,I'm new to this forum having just discovered it tonight but not quite as new to toyota !!

Bought my first one in January this year.Was gutted when my Subaru Legacy bombed it's m.o.t due to rot around the rear suspension and needing a car fast I found a 2000 W plate Avensis 1.8 GS.I can't say I took to it at first,didn't think it looked that great but it went ok and was better to drive than I imagined !!

It was an ex-taxi,was pretty tatty,had 140,000 on the clock but it did the job.

Am a mad modifyer n tuner,have been since my first car near 23 year ago but I didnt do much to the Avensis except replace the standard wheel trims with dark metallic grey spoked ones which makes it stand out from the countless other silver Avensis's that are on the road !!

Alas my toyota will meet the same fate as my legacy when the m.o.t runs out next weekend.I could repair it,do all the front suspension,some plating round the rear sills and arches but even then it's touch n go whether it'll squeeze through the emmisions test so tomorrow it goes to the scrappys !!

Strange time to join the forum you may wonder.Well no cos I'm picking up a new car on monday......

A 52 plate silver Toyota Avensis Vermont 1.8 vvti !!

It wasn't planned but that's how it's worked out.It's had 2 owners from new,77,000 on the clock and in truly excellent condition for a 10 y/o car.The bodies solid and minted underneath,the engine at it's peak and the bodywork in fine condition.

Being an ex valeter I'll have it looking like it left the factory last week once I've had it a few months !!!

There's no reason it can't do me for 5 years or more,that's how good it is !!!

As I said I'm totally into tuning,modifying etc so apart from the more mundane toyota needs i'll be looking into exactly how this 1ZZ FE motor works and what I can do to it to give it a little more kick !!

Also the suspension could do with tuning.I'm not into the hard springs,18" wheels route cos I want a car that holds the road,handles but that doesn't break traction on the limit when I seriously don't want it to.lol

Anyway that's my story !!


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