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Few Questions About My 94 Gt4 St205


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Hi all,

firstly I was looking for a green coloured interior bulb. the bulb looks like this


I've yet to come across any coloured ones =[

Also I know the toyota's ecu's cant be mapped but I want my car to pop a lot more, therefore remapping being the best option.

does anyone know where to get a reasonably priced aftermarket ecu?

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Standard ST205 ecu cannot but re-mapped, only piggybacked with something like a Unichip.

There are some companies like Mines, Blitz, Avance and C-One who have fitted piggyback chips into standard ECU's and they give you roughly 20-30bhp depending on supporting mods.

I've just sold a Blitz Access ECU for the ST205 for £400 which is the going rate of any aftermarket ECU for these cars.

There is an Advance ECU for sale on eBay but i dont know how good these are. The blitz/c-one ecu's are considered the best.

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Blitz Site Contact Details

BLITZ began in the late 1970's as a circuit racing team and eventually developed into a high performance tuning shop. In 1980 BLITZ Co., LTD. was established in Tokyo, Japan. The concept was to produce high performance products without sacrificing the capability if being daily driven, commuter cars. A key to BLITZ's success was from the extensive race experience and also the use of German made KKK turbos, currently owned by the Borg Warner Corp. With the integration of KKK components, BLITZ had been able to produce high performance products for race and street purposes.


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They can be piggy backed but there's no real point as the Toyota ecu will make corrections which will destroy all but the full throttle tune.

The only real way is a mappable ecu, not mines, blitz etc, your best with apexi power FC, Link, Vi-PEC, etc, these are plug and play type mappable ones, you could go further and get a wire in ecu but they are £££££

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