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Help - P/n From Microcat

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Can someone who has access to the Toyota Microcat please check a part number for me?

Basically I need to know the injector p/n for my Rav4.3 from the chassis number. I know from a TSB that the injector can be either:

- 23670-09290. This is the one for ALA30 without DPF

- 23670-09270. This is the one for ALA30 with DPF

I know mine are the new variant as they have two inspection marks that is why I listed only the new p/n's however I am still not sure about DPF / non-DPF although I don't think mine has one. Price for injectors is quite expensive and I do not want to end up ordering the wrong one.

Unfortunately, the p/n on these injectors is not printed on top and most probably I will need to remove them from the engine to get the p/n from them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can send the chassis number as a pm to whoever has this Microcat access.

Thanks again,


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Hi all,

For all those who need toyota p/n there is this site which is basically microcat in a web view. Really useful. Managed to find the p/n pf my injectors based on chassis prefix.

Hope you find this useful.

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