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Irish Newbie With A Sera

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Hi all,

I'm the pround new owner of a 1992 Sera!

Some details:

Phase II (about 2,300 manufactured - most Seras are Phase I)

Astral Black


SLSS (belt drive missing from sausage speaker, LCD panels failed on head unit, FM band expander ordered, otherwise perfect)

Cracked instrument binnacle glass/perspex (*sigh*)

Headliners & Bag

Original toolkit & spare

Original mats

2-tone pale blue/pastel interior

Armrest/Cubby (but not in pale blue, so I'm guessing this was fitted after purchase...)

CleanAce system (haven't checked to see if it's working though)

Lap-belts in rear

Rubber Spoiler

Door struts replaced

Timing Belt replaced

Thermostat replaced

Exhaust backbox replaced

Chrome-tipped double exhaust

Non-stock alloys (but they ARE nice ones)

The car was imported directly to Ireland in July 2007 from Japan and the chap I bought it from was its first Irish owner. It was on 83,000km when imported 5 years ago and now sits at 96,000. He has treated it with kid gloves and I fully intend to do the same. The car will be at the Swords Car Show on Sunday 7th October 2012 if anyone in the Dublin area is about for a visit.




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Hi Bob and welcome to the club. Good luck with your car.

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Hello and welcome in, nice looking car :)

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