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Seat Runners On A T3


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Hi, The seat runners on my 2005 3 door 'rolla T3 have jammed, not completely, just on the 1 side but i did have both sides repaired about a month ago as that time both the little pins had snapped off!

I have seen a 2003 5 door seat for sale for £70 in a breakers but i am not sure if the measurements of the fixing bolts would be the same on the 3 & 5 door models...Are they?

A new mechanism is going to set me back £320ish, so if i were to go for either one, is it just a case of drilling out the rivets, bolting the new runners to the seat and reconnecting everything?

Any help here would be great as i am stressing big time about this...need to know whats best!

Thanks in advance...


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I am picking up the seat base assembley from toyota today, i am going to have a look at it and see if it is as straight forward as it seems, from the look of it, it is just drilling out the rivets and bolting it back in...we will see!!!...I'll let you know tomorrow night or monday!

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Ok...i did buy a new seat base from Mr.T...£320 ish! Did the job myself on sunday morning, if you are handy and you have some sort of idea how things are assembled it is just taking the old seat apart and re~assembling it in the opposite direction.

The only part i found difficult was the star/torq screws seemed to be an odd size, too big for the T40 bit and too small for the T45, also they were assembled by machine originally so resisted as best they could against hand tools! A bit of WD40 and an hour later ...Bang!

Its all working fine now :laughing:

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