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2005 Yaris Rhd, French Manufactured, Manuals And Fuse Box

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My car is a 2005 RHD Yaris T3 VVT-1. Apparently it was manufactured in France for use on UK roads. Could someone advise which is the appropriate service and other manuals I should be looking for.

Also, the interior fuse box cover has a list of fuses which do not make an awful lot of sense to me (but that isn't too hard!). Could anyone put a name to these abreviations, taken from the list of fuses:

AM1 - 50A, POWER - 30A; HTR - 40A, GAUGE - 10A; DEF - 25A; D/L - 25A; TAIL - 7.5A

I/UP - 10A; wiper - 20A; ECU-B - 7.5A; FOG - 15A; ECD2 - 15A

EFI NO.2 - 10A; ACC - 15A; ECU-IG - 7.5A; OBD - 7.5A; HAZ - 10A; IG2 - 15A

A.C - 7.5A; P S-HTR - 10A; D S-HTR - 10A; STOP - 10A

The specific fuse I am looking for is the one that covers the windows switches in each door.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to help me.


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According to Haynes, electric windows fuse:


- Passenger compartment fusebox.

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