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Need Some Info On Buying New Avensis

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Ok well here goes

I been looking to buy an avensis for a while now

what i have been advised by friends and family who own the avensis models

is that the best engine so far is the Gs engine from around 1995 to 2002

i have been told they are bullet proof and require minimal repair as long as its been well looked after

now if some people on here can confirm if this is true or not

but do the vvti engines have issues regarding the bottom end, i have been told they can go anytime after 50k on the clock or more.

my budget is a grand, i have seen a few bargains out there but there is a nice blue 2.0 litre vvti avensis for sale but im reluctant to buy it due to the information on vvti engines.

also whats the difference between the the gs and gls engine or are they the same and the trim inside being different

any advice regarding a budget buy on a avensis is welcome

thanks guys

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All pre 2000 engines (non vvti) engines are old but reliable. If well looked after car with these engines are good choices.

The only vvti engine with no Oil burning issue is the 2 litre version. This engine has a different design.

You may be lucky and find a problem free 1.6 or 1.8 vvti. Just check the Oil level and condition, and have a mechanic with you. Ask why it is being sold.

Have a look at the car you have seen for sale.

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