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Lpg Tsport


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Well after a few years of thinking about, and now with the mental petrol prices (and the wife being made redundant), we have had it done to our t sport,

we did at first buy a d4d and was selling the tsport which would have sold but the clutch gave up the week it was selling, and as the wife did not like the d4d Corolla and was moody everytime selling the t sport was mentioned.

I decided to look into it again found a few places selling the kits to do yourself's the place that stood out the most the kit was £800 all in, so i joined a lpg forum, and found another place that was looking at £600 all in but there email came back in broken English and no phone number, but whilst on the lpg forum, found a place in Warrington that they all raved about, so gave them a call, now baring in mind that if id have fitted it myself it would need to be certified at a cost of £100 and anything wrong put right, they quoted £1160 all in with a 2 year parts and labour warranty and fully certified..

So first jobs where to do the clutch on the T sport, that took me a full day and sell the D4D which as luck would have it one of the wife's friends wanted it,

Also took the full leather interior out of the d4d and swapped it over for the t sport interior let the wifes mate have £200 off for the swap :lol2:

some pics the place took whilst they where doing the conversion

the rear before


the rear after


gas tank


underneath the gas tank


manifold of and injectors




engine bay back together EDD17F44-5AC7-47ED-8D22-6EC91CC2D539-1442-0000015A116C7A86.jpg



it also as a flash lube/valve saver system fitted to it,

before we was getting around 240 miles to a full tank around town about £65 on gas it takes £28 quid to fill the lpg tank and we are getting just over 200 miles, it still uses a little bit of petrol as it starts on petrol and switches over when the water temp is hot enough,

i have to say we cant tell the difference in running on gas to petrol and wish i had done this years ago when i first started looking in to it,

with the amount of miles we do this will pay for itself in 12 to 18 month's.

And the big plus the missus is not moaning at me about having to get rid of her car :D

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Shouldnt take long for the system to pay for itself these days :D and glad to see you have fitted a flashlube system to it - would recommend you check your valve clearances at regular intervals to make sure no valve seat recession occurs even though you have the flashlube fitted.

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