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I've just joined this forum. I bought my Yaris a year ago second hand and since buying her i have had no issues with her. I just completed a driving tour of Ireland in her over 700 miles and she moved like a dream for all of them.

When i got her she was factory standard wheels tape deck the lot :o. So i have put alloys on her and a CD player in her, though also as i have tow bar bike rack so i have given her a tow bar.

I love driving her, alas there are some issue from the previous owner. Though she is a gem to drive she had her aerial tore out from her (i haven't really used the radio much so i have yet to fix that yet), i am looking to fix her an get an aerial installed. Any assistance you csan give would be appreciated :) .

She has a couple of dings and scraps on her that i'd like to get fixed and then i would be planning eventually on getting her repainted.

As i'm a new driver i was originally planning to exchange her after a year for something sportier but it turns out i'm quite attached to her and want to just drive her for the rest of her natural life (considering she has 25,000 on hte clock, could be a while) so it is time to fix her up and make her look as good as she drives.

Any help you can give would be appreciated.

I'm no longer an 'R' plate driver but the only photo of my sexy is from then. I'll get more soon for the arty farty section :D .


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Hi and welcome to the club.

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