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Engine Starts Then Stops Immediately And Management Light Comes On

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I have a 2005 2.2 D-4D Corolla Verso - not missed a beat in the 5 years we have had it. Went out for a meal the other week, back to the car and pressed start - only a couple of lights on the dash flickered followed by a relay clicking sound from under the bonnet. Trouble getting the ignition to turn itself off to get the keyfob out so guessed that the Battery must be flat as.

Nothing left on to suggest why Battery would be dead so got friend to bring jump leads - left his truck running with leads on my Battery for 20mins - pressed start, all lights on dash all came on but relay only clicking again. Towed to bump start and fired up - all ok. Got a mile down the road and lights flickered and whole car died and then picked up again as I was pulling over, so carried on 100 yrds and this time it died completely. Assumed Battery must be now faulty and not taking any charge. Towed it home (in 3rd gear so could use the brake/steering servo as on a short rope!) - never went above 30 on tow home.

Put new Battery on the next day and pressed start - engine fired up and then cut out straight away with engine management light on.

Local Diesel centre has now had it for 2 weeks - computer told them it was wrong voltage to injector 3 & 4 so needed new injector management control unit (£495+fitting)... no start. Suggested that I could have made the timing belt jump by towing (scaring the life out of me) but they then checked this and all ok. They then had it looked at by a Toyota technician who suggested it was the starter motor as they have had too many of these go recently (£200+ +fitting) - It now starts but then stops immediately.. Full circle and back to where we started... Any ideas?

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