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2004 2L D4D Exhaust Muffler Removal

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Hi all,

I need to fit a tow bar tomorrow, and that needs the muffler removed to attch the bolts up through the boot.

I had a look at the exhaust, and the rearmost exhaust mounts dont look to have bolts on them. The service manual says to remove the bolts, but how?!

All I see is two pin type bolts going through the rubber mounts that hold the I not looking hard enough or is there a knack to getting them out?



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I don't actually have one of these cars - but on other cars I've had the rear silencer is just suspended by 2 rubber mounting that as you say just hang off horizontal pins under the car (always looked a bit dodgy to me - but it obviously it works OK). Anyway I think you just need to remove the rubber mounts from the pins on the underside of the car and support the silencer while you fit the towbar.

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