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2008 Auris 1.6Ltr Sr Adding More Power.

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With it being naturally aspirated power gains are not cheap.

Your obvious power gains are reduce weight dont carry whats not required. Power to weight ratio is the best performance gain.

Lighter alloy wheels, remove air con, spare wheel.

V Power fuel.

Then its the usual Exhaust system, air filter, irdium spark plugs, bigger throttle body, camshafts, lighter pulleys etc list goes on.

You will loose economy at the cost of performance, & have to declare the mods or insurance becomes void.

Ideally if your serious change your car to save yourself the hassle.

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On that list forget plugs. They don't give power bonus so long as you keep them well maintained and gapped.

With it being 2008 your about the changeover point of dual vvti/valvematic if it's valvematic forget camshaft changes. Very difficult to do.

Supercharging is realistically easiest thing to do. Lotus have done it with the 1.8 dual vvti unit for the Elise.

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A 1.6 engine is never going to give a noticeable power increase by upgrades such as spark plugs, exhaust, light wheels, air filter, etc, you would be wasting your money. Now - a supercharger or turbo, that would be a power upgrade you would notice. The big drawback is the insurance company are going to hammer you or not even give you a quote, especially if you are young.

It would be far simpler and cheaper to buy a GTI type car with a bigger and more powerfull engine at the outset.

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I've done it to my car. 1.6 Valvematic originally 132BHP and 9.7 sec to 60mph (the brochure says it is 10sec but my gtech tested the acceleration and I got 9.7sec). I have installed a sport mufler (you can use for example made by MAGNAFLOW), then I changed the air filter to one made by PIPERCROSS. I did not check the power gain, I only got by those changes 9.6sec to 60mph.

After that I installed the cold AIR intake made by K&N, but changed the cone filter to a one made of the same material as the pipercross filters.

Those mods made my car get 141BHP and 9.45sec to 60mph. The cost of those modifications was around 300GBP (pounds)

I also tried to add a piggyback computer to my ECU made by ECUMASTER. With all previous mods my car gained 157BHP and 9.3sec to 60mph. Unfortunately it was running on CHECK ENGINE all the time, this is why I sold the ECU MASTER.

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Weber 45's on a ca

Try sticking a pair of Weber 45s on!

Oh Yes!
weber 45's on a car with injectors? Lol I'll be putting on a k&n filter and a performance chip I think, get 10-15bhp more. Then I'll look into a subtle (not too loud) exhaust system that'll add another 5-10bhp. That's ill I want, 150bhp ish. I have the valvematic.
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