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Installing 6 X 9S Into My Aygo

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Hi, any one got any tips before I begin installing my 6x9s in my parcel shelf?

I'm thinking about installing the on a piece of MDF and attaching that to my existing parcel shelf with the circles cut out of it.

However it is a 61 plate aygo so i was unsure about cutting into the parcel shelf... Any Tips?

Cheers Nick

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Hi Nick,

I did this and it didn't take too long. Firstly I found that neither 6x9's nor 6.5" Speakers will fit into the recesses of the stock parcel shelf so I made my own out of 12mm Baltic Birch plywood.

I simply sketched a line around the stock shelf then reduced the dimensions by about 10mm or so, because I covered the shelf in some nice black carpet specifically for covering speaker cabinets, sourced from 'the worlds favourite auction site'.

To fix the shelf in I used a pair of plastic coated terry clips, sourced from the same place, which allows me to tilt the shelf up as usual and also 'quick release' it from the back of the car using the existing shelf lugs (see pic). I also used a Tyco connector (I think it was) from the same source to connect the speaker cables, which I had run down the side of the car behind the panels.

Hope this helps?

post-13937-0-33314200-1348054159_thumb.j post-13937-0-78554500-1348054184_thumb.j

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