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Brake Fluid / Clutch Change

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Going to replace the brake fluid this week sometime and suddenly occured to me that the clutch uses the same fluid and so probably should bleed etc at the same time. Im pretty confident i can do the brakes as they are easy to access but my question is....... where do i bleed the clutch from and is it a nipple like on a brake caliper. Dont realy want to start jacking the car up etc and fiddling underneath.

Advice would be appreciated.

ps on another note..... was also going to change the gear Oil but again not sure where this would be.....


Avensis D4D 2.2

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The clutch bleed nipple is on the slave cylinder. This is visible from the front of the engine behind the radiator in a roughly central position on the gearbox bell housing. Remover the upper plastic engine covers and everything is accessible.

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