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Heavy Oil Consumption


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I have just purchased a 2002 Corolla Verso 1.6 petrol with 70k on the clock. After about 200 hundred miles the engine management light came on and I took it to the local garage. They advised that they had to top the car up with 3 litres of oil and it needed a new oil valve of some sort. Im sorry im really bad with car terminology! However a week later on comes the light again and someone checked the oil for me and it needed another 3 litres! This was a week later and another 250 miles.

I have tried reading through various forums and can now see that there is a problem with these engines, what im struggling to understand is of there is a specific fix to this problem. Can I do something that will slow down the oil consumption or a new part that will fix it.

Any help appreciated, apologies for having absolutly no car knowledge!!



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That does not sound good !!

Did your buy the car privately or from genuine dealer, if it was the latter then take it back to them as you still have plenty of legal recourse.

If its a private buy, there is no comeabck, buyer beware I'm afraid; unless your fellas Giant Haystacks !

If thats the case, I would ask your local garage to give it a full test to check everything else, not just the oil burning, and see what they say is needed to repair it plus the costIt could be a case of the value stem seals just need replacing, not such a big / expensive job..


Regarding the oil burning problems associated with some Toyota engines there have been a few posts about that, a search of the forum should find them.

I think basically,Toyota did replace such engines for free if the fault was proven to be as a result of their production problems.

However I believe, that they now say any oil burning with engines now so old will not be covered by them, whatever the cause.

At 70k and 10 years old it could be a problem to prove is their fault and even if so, doubt they could be made to pay the full cost.

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hi joanne, if its actually burning that amount of oil then you would see the smoke in the mirrors when your driving.

In regards to oil consumption, toyota say 1 litre of oil per 1,000 miles is the max.

If it is burning oil that badly, then in my experience it would need a full engine strip and rebuild to rectify the problem.


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