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Poor Wounded Celica 5Th Gen St183 Cabby :-(

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Hi folks,

My Celica is sick!

Couple of times on the way home from work the car for no apparent reason stopped.

Few minutes and fiddle under the bonnet and it went again!

But Monday night - dead.

AA man said dizzy, and I happened to have one, I replaced it and all the relays in the main box by the Battery.

Worked fine, drove to Morrisons this morning (4 miles) wouldn't start, then didn't then did.

Called the AA man which of course it started for, then stopped before I looked stupid.

Cranked it no start, he put a thing on the plugs and it showed sparking all the time, so it is fuel not electrical, unless it is something in the electrical supply for the fuel pump.

I had replaced the EFI fuse, is there another for the pump?

Before taking the pump out has anyone got any ideas, including the pump?

Whenever you try to start it it fires for half a sec or so then stops, and then after a while will start and run for a minute or three, or just not start at all. All a bit random.

Sounds to me like the pump is priming it sometimes but then shuts off, or whatever part of the circuit that makes the pump run constant when started just doesn't come in to play.

Please help!


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I had a similar problem,Mine turned out to be catalytic converter stopped up engine can't breath won't run,worth looking into

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