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Auris Xenon Headlamp Unit

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Hello all,

I'm in the process of importing my car to Belgium from UK and I'm changing over the headlamp units to meet Continental MOT requirements. I thought I would save a few quid and buy 2nd hand units off fleabay. Unfortunately, one of the units I received is a OEM xenon unit (complete with ballast unit) - doh!.

The wiring loom connector for the xenon (not the bulb connector itself) is different to that on the normal headlight, but is it just the same 12V feed or is it off a different circuit? Can I get away with splicing a new connector onto the loom and fitting the xenon. Is there any issue with having one normal and one xenon (probably not really allowed)? Would I get away with it for an MOT? Or should I chalk this up to a bad fleabay experience and order the correct unit?

Thanks in advance


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