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08 Plate Corrosion Warranty Claim For The Doors

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I bought my 08 plate Avensis a couple of months ago, that I bought with 112k miles on the clock for £5k. When I got the car home I noticed rust spots at the top corner of each door, and after searching this forum found it was a common problem caused by the black coating on the tops of the doors having no laqeur. I thought I would ask the local (Southampton) Toyota dealer if there is any chance I could claim on the corrosion warranty. They were very helpful in sending the report to Toyota UK. Two weeks later I had a call saying Toyota UK was going to replace all four doors and respray both sides of the car for free! I have just got the car back after the two week repair. Who knows if it will come back, but hopefully by the time it looks unsightly the car will be old and on 300k miles! I also requested that they laqeur the top section of the doors when they sprayed them, which they have done.. What an amazing service on a high mile £5000 car. Although it is a stupid design fault, this will defineately not be my last Toyota.

I thought I would share this story in case anyone was thinking it wasn't worth trying to claim for the rusty doors.

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