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Avensis 1998 (S) Central Locking Issue.

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I have a 1998 (S) Toyota Avensis Hatchback 1.8GLS. I have had the car since 2001 and in that time it has given me great service! No problems at all and now having 180000 miles on the clock I'm really chuffed with it.....

But now there is a problem which I hope with the help on here I will be able to fix/overcome.

Right, the other morning I went to get into the car and pressed the un-lock button....... And nothing! So I thought ah, new batteries needed - bought and fitted new batteries, still nothing. Tried the spare keys with new batteries, still nothing! So I checked the fuse, (Dome Light 15 amp) and it was blown, replaced, alarm sounded, then stopped, fuse blown again.... Mmmmmm.

Checked the interior light, (hasn't worked for quite a while) not working and quite hot to the touch and a burning smell in the car from the light fitting as well as under the dash in front of driver's seat!

Tried the button to lock from inside - nothing! Removed interior light fitting, was all burnt inside, so did not replace it, have one on order.

Now, symptoms are:

No Central Locking

No Alarm

Can't lock doors from inside using locking button

Car starts OK - everything works except the clock always resets itself to 12:00hrs. But then works as long as you are driving/ignition on. Rev Counters sticks at 1000 RPM after turn-off where it remains until ignition switched on then goes back to zero, until engine starts then operates normally.

No lights flash, (indicators) when I turn on ignition, but it did in the beginning, but now they don't.

I can open and lock driver's door with the key manually, but other doors/boot remain locked.

I have taken a couple of pics under the dash, all seems/looks fine???

Any ideas people - please????

Thanks, Bill.





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Come on, there must be someone here that as had problems with the same, I've been told it is quite common.....?

It's just that I'm hoping that it is something I can fix myself, I just need some direction.


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