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What Model/trim Is My Levin?

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Hello everybody! today I purchased a Levin at a local used car dealership and I was just wondering what trim/year it is.

The dealership said it was a 2000 but didn't know what trim the car actually was, I do believe they said the car had a 1.5 Litre Engine, I have pictures of the interior as well if you all need them for verification.

I am also having a hard time finding the specs on this car so if you all happen to know I would greatly appreciate it

Thanks for reading my post and have a great day




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Put the vehicle details (chassis number) in to and it will tell you

Kingo :thumbsup:

Oh wow thanks I didnt even know that existed, apparently I have the base model FZ. lol I guess thats what I get for getting an Automatic Tranny. =\

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