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Dome Fuse Failure

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hi, i have a 2008 2.0 D4D TR Hatchback that has blown 2 dome fuses in 5 days. the only thing that has been done to the car is a tow bar fitted 4 weeks ago, i bought the vehicle specific wiring kit that just plugs into the light cluster. first fuse blew last thursday, replaced it on friday and all was ok until yesterday when i noticed it had blown again. any ideas or suggestions as too the cause of the failure and how best to try and locate the fault would be appreciated. simply cannot afford to drop it into Toyota for them to try and trace an intermitant fault.


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Try an auto electrician.

I would unplug the wiring kit to see if the fuse blows. If the fuse still blows then something else may be shorting.

If it does not then the kit could have a short to earth or be wired incorrectly.

You might think the kit should be correct since it supposed to be for your car, but I bought a replacement ignition switch meant for my car. I was replacing an old one so checked the pin-outs. If I just plugged it straight in, damaged could have been caused.

Some parts meant for your car can be faulty or made incorrectly.

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