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1994 Corolla Hatchback Rear Demister Not Working

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Hello all, I have a niggling problem. Since I've owned the car (over a year) the rear demister has never worked and the warning light on dashboard does not illuminate and I've just started investigating. I've discovered the 30 amp fuse in the drivers footwell was missing so tried the electric windows one next to it but no joy.

I wanted to check the relay but although there are details of fuses in the handbook there is nothing about location of relays and there are only a mention of some of the other relays in the Haynes.

Does anyone know the location of the relay, and has anyone had the same problem or any ideas?

I wonder whether it's the wiring, a bad earth, a faulty switch on dashboard, broken wire in loom going from roof to window, loose wires that connect to element although I can't see where they are. I presume even if there is a small break in the element it should still work as the other wires still connect from one side to the other.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Latest news: I removed the centre console cover to gain access to rear of switch connector and found 12 volts at one of pins. I checked the wires going from roof to back window and they were intact. I checked and there was voltage on back window wires only 6 volts but I could only measure half way along as leads not long enough.

So, it does appear the demister IS working and all I need is a fuse (borrowed electric windows one to test) and that the warning light on dash is not working, but I can live with that.

I've yet to check when window is steamed up but am confident it will work.

My only concern now is locating a fuse. Halfords didn't have one and someone there who had worked there had never seen that type. A motor factor appeared to have one same shape size and colour but it didn't fit as connectors slightly different. (And £5.30 which seems a lot for a little fuse!)

It's pink and rectangular plastic tube shape. Is this a main dealer thing? Anyone had experience of these fuses? There are the usual blade ones as well but it seems there are a few of these unusual ones as well and they are "slow burning" from what I can make out.

Many thanks, Simon

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They are known as PAL Fuses and come in three different types. Don't take my word for it without checking first, but I believe Toyotas take the female and there are some on ebay for a few quid - search for "female PAL fuse" and compare the picture.







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Managed to get a fuse from a motor factor which looked slightly different in shape and connector but it fitted and worked with demister now working although the warning light didn't go on. So, i removed the dash cluster and discovered the bulb had blown so replaced it with a redundant one, the overdrive warning whatever that is, and now it all works, hurray!

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