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Pic's Off My Car!


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Hi Guys,

I don't know if you remember me, I created an account last year, after what seemed like an eternity of searching, it looks as if my account was deleted. At the time I wrote to you lot desperately seeking advise on the best way to modify my Yaris 1.3 T3.

Anyway, im back and thought i would give you an update on the changes that i eventually made to my car.

I have added the following bits:

BK Racing alloys 16" with Toyo Proxy tires.

Eibach Lowering Springs

Lexus Style rear lights

Booster Tuning Exhaust

Razo Pedals

Veilside Shift Knob

Fully De-badged

Booster Rear Spoiler (On Order)

Heres some pics.







Lexus Rear Light


Alloy Pedals


Gear knob


I hope you like what I have done so far and I am looking for some ideas on bodykits, but I am quiet frustrated at the lack of kits available for the facelift Yaris.

I would also like to say a big thankyou to Kevin and Gaz at Envy who supplied and fitted all the parts. They have been very helpfull and really know their stuff. I would highly recomend them to anyone who wishes to modify their Yaris.

Bye for now


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Yeah same here, Envy did a wak thru on how to fit the Lexus Lights onto the Face Lift one, and this was the demo one.

Looks really nice, love the 16s too not too mjuch of a fan on the 17s. How much has it been lowered by? Keep up the modding!


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Thankyou for the kind words! From memory I think the wheels are the BK 166 in Hyper Black or Silver, but your best off asking Kevin at Envy as I am not 100% sure. :wacko:

Its lowered on the Eibach springs again I am not sure how low but it certainly looks a lot better than when I got it, and it handles a lot better too, so I am happy bunny.

Toady - No you can't have my hard earned cash, I just logged back in and your trying to steal money off me already! :D

Looks like the big crash was responsible for me loosing my account, just pleased to be back, there has been a few questions that I wanted to ask but have been unable to do so:(

Any way thanks again and if anyone comes up with any nice bodykits for the faclift Yaris let me know ;)



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Hi lindsey

Love the mods that you have done so far. Wheels look great and i love the alloy foot pedals as well. Gear knob looks cool as well.Booster tuning exhaust. Does that have a nice sound to it then? Nice size bore :thumbsup: Looks good. And the rear light clusters well say no more. Lexus lights always look great on a black car :thumbsup:


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There is hardly any difference between the pedals apart from that your shoes have a better grip, as they have sharpened raised edges. This is great, only i wouldn't recommend that you drive without any footware on as it can be pretty painful!! :!Removed!:

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Hey Blue84,

Its good to hear that you also have a T3 :D

The veilside gearstick was £45, and i got it from ENVY Performance. It seems expensive, for what it is, but i shopped around and once all the charges were put on, nobody else cud do it cheaper.

I personally think it was worth it tho cause i find the T3 interior a bit boring and i wanted to make some subtle changes. I am considering that my next buy maybe some silver trims around the dials on the central dash board but i cant make up my mind whether it may look abit OTT, what do you think? :thumbsup:

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