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2004 Avensis 2.0 D4D Problems To Get A Stable Temp.

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I first of all have to say sorry for my bad english. I am from Norway :)

I am not sure if i have a problem so that is why i am posting here.

I have got an 2004 toyota avensis 2.0 d4d i bought in june. I have driven it 6000 km, the car has gone 141.000 km now. Have had some minor issues with it. When i drove in about 80 km/h it suddenly got a loss of power, nothing happened untill i changed to 3 rd gear and gave it all, then it was fine again. Took the car to toyota and they could not find anything on the diagnosis and i told them to change Oil, coolant, diesel filter and to clean the EGR valve. They sad the egr valve looked just fine, but they cleaned it anyway, i have now driven it 2000 km and it has not happened again so i may think it has to have been something with the egr og diesel filter :)

But later on now. I cant seem to get a stable temp in the engine. In the summertime the temp dial have always been right between the two lines in the middle of the gauge (from the middle one and the one below) always. But now later, it gets up to about the middle where it used to stay but not quite there, just 1mm under maybe. But when i ride down a hill or straight ahead and uses almost no power at all the dial goes down to the line under the middle (the one under the middle) so it seems to be loosing about 4-5 degrees Celsius. This does not happen when i drive in city, seems like i has to go over 60 km/h. Is this normal? I know it is a little bit cooler in the weather now but it also happens when it is 12-15 degrees celius outside temperature. Took the car to toyta for a diagnosis and they sad the thermostat worked, they could see it open and close as it should.They could not seem to find anything wrong with the coolant system. It is bleeded and the coolant is 1 cm over max in the tank. It is not loosing water at all and it is not loosing a drop of Oil. Starts up on the second, beeing a diesel off course it idle a little ruffer when cold but nothing i would worry about.

Toyota said that the extra diesel heater did not work (eberspacher) But i have not used it in the summer when it hold the temperature anyways.

Can someone tell me if this is normal?

greetings from norway

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Welcome to TOC...

Sounds normal to me an all.

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