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It's Service Time Once Again

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Evening All

My 2008 XTR is due for a service which I am once again planning to do my self

Just been to my local motor factors to pick up my usual Oil only to find he no longer stocks it.

What he now stocks is AC Delco supreme plus multigrade 5w30 which has ACEA C4-10 Spec and says its suitable for the Rav

Before I commit to this Oil I thought I would consult the experts on this site for any views on this Oil and its suitability.

Also I'm hoping to change the brake fluid I've had a quick look on the site for any info to help but have been unable to find any.Can anyone point me in the right direction for info or has anyone done this and hopefully give me a few tips.

Cheers and many thanks


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I would say the Oil is well over the spec but will do (a good semi-synthetic is sufficient). You need a litre of DOT3. Don't forget to run a bit through the clutch slave cylinder which is fed off the same reservoir.

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On the subject of changing brake fluid here are a few tips I picked up.

I use the "wife in the car method" of changing fluid, check first she responds to "press and hold" and "release".

Then I use a couple of feet of clear tubing (B&Q) and a 1 litre container to catch the old fluid. This gives you an idea of how much of the new fluid is left :-)

I use a very very short ring spanner on the bleed nipple, this stops you over torquing them. You may need a long ring spanner and a gentle thump of your palm to release each bleed nipple the first time.

I have read its recommended to put a thick book 1-2 inches (yellow pages is too thin these days) under the brake peddle to stop the pedal going to full travel/end stop and perhaps stressing in the master cylinder seals.

So ask the wife to press - open the bleed, as the pedal gets to full travel and is held - close the bleed. Then ask the wife to release. Repeat many many times.

Be very careful about topping up the fluid, sometimes air can be drawn in before the level reaches Min. I always start at the brake calliper that closest to the master cylinder and use a good 1/5 to a 1/4 to clear all the old fluid out of the reservoir. Then I use a bit less on the next front wheel and share the rest with the two back wheels.

Others may recommend a better way (I hate removing fluid with a turkey baster I always find it goes everywhere)

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