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Toyota Snapped My Gear Cable + Charging Me To Have It Fixed - Is This

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Hi Everyone,

Just wondered if someone could advise me on a situation.

I took my much loved Avensis to a Toyota main dealer for an MOT (which it passed) and a service.

Whilst Toyota had my vehicle, they managed to snap my gear cable and are adament that I must pay for the repair.

There are (were) no mechanical problems with the car, and I certainly did not have any problems with the gears.

I bought it from new, it is 5 years old, around 40000 miles (possibly slightly less), it gets regular services, does not get raced around and gets treated very well indeed - it is imaculate.

Is their stance correct? It just doesn't feel right given that I handed them a fully working car + they are handing me back a non-working one (unless I pay to have it fixed). They have offered to give me a discount on the labour charge from almost £100 per hour to £50 per hour + the job will take around 4 hours to complete.

Any advise or assistance will be gratefully received.

Many thanks

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Sadly there is no way of telling if the cable was about to break just before you took the car in for its MOT, indeed they can snap at any time, it's just unfortunate that it happened whilst they had the car

They are offering you a discounted labour rate to change the cable. Why not try to negotiate a fixed price for the job to include a discount on parts.

The only alternative to get your car working again is for you to carry out the repair yourself if you have the mechanical ability.

It's always a difficult situation when a part fails at the garage.......Best of luck getting it repaired :)

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Always a tough call, things can go wrong at any time. When it happens with us, we usually try and do everything at cost, it might be worth having a word with the centre principle and see if he can get the price reduced. Fair but firm, don't shout, plead poverty etc :lol:

I was once handing a technician a job card for his next job. He was just closing the bonnet on a car that had been serviced. The car was at idle and we exchanged paperwork, the car then just cut out, he went to start it, nothing, just cranked over and would not start. It turned out the cam belt had snapped, just at idle and for no reason other than it was it's time to snap! Not our fault, but we felt for the customer and did it all at cost. He was as happy as he could be but what else could you do?

Kingo :thumbsup:

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