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Turbo Stepper Fault...... Avensis 2.0D4D 1Ad-Ftv

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hi everyone...... recently had loss of power with engine management lights coming on

when i switched ignition off and restarted car power had returned to normal but management light was still illuminated...... took car to my local independent mechanic who diagnosed the fault as Turbo Stepper Motor Intermittent Fault..... engine management lights are now off and car is running normally

my actual question is..... is the turbo stepper motor part of the turbo and therefore would need to change the full turbo or is it a part outwith the turbo that can be replaced

many thanks john thomson

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hi John

As far as I understood you have turbo with variable vanes.

check with VSV, easy rotation of the vanes on their axises; check with vacuum attached actuator moving vanes to have an easy moving. Besides -- undo a vacuum tube from suction manifols and check whether or not it is partly blocked restricting vacuum signal. For sure all el contacts must be well cleaned + degreased.

Cheers / Igor

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