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Auxiliary Fuse Boxes

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Ok, I've been a little bit busy lately so thought I would share with you what I've been up to.

I decided to add a couple of auxiliary fuse boxes to make things simple for future additions, and this means only one main cable going through the bulkhead to the Battery.

One fuse box is permanent live the other ignition live switched via relay. Both fuse boxes have a +ve bus.

What I used to build it all on was simply a plastic board, this was made from an A4 clipboard that cost £1.99.

First build


Once I knew where it was going I trimmed it to suit


Making use of one of the spare grommets behind the passenger side knee panel. (The blue wire is going to the front side light circuit for my next project.)


Mounting it here I was able to make use of the existing top left bolt and just needed a 40mm spacer, 60mm long M6 bolt and 6mm spire nut for the botton right corner.


The relay takes its switching feed from the back of the cigarette lighter. The permanent fuse box has a maximum capacity of 40amps, whilst the ignition live fuse box is limited to 30amps due to it being powered through a 30amp relay. The wire to the Battery is able to take 80amps. Having said that I don't ever see me using all eight fuses to their maximum.

As you can see I have already used one of each of them for the Power Max Pro (little black box just below the new fuse panel) that powers my BlackView camera.

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