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Paint Chip On New Toyota Yaris Rs 2012 (Thailand)

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I am a new Toyota Yaris so go easy on me!

I with my fiancée and mother-in-law to be have just bought a 2012 Toyota Yaris RS. Love it to bits, unfortunately a sharp stone I believe from a truck struck the side of the car and left a very slight chip of the paintwork. Fortunately, it was not on the main bodywork, but on the default body kit (I do not know if that's the technical term for the skirting just below the passenger door but hey).

I currently live in Thailand and am wondering weather Toyota would sort it, however, it seems such a minor chip with a few surface scratches that it seems easy enough to repair myself. I would imagine Toyota would ask to replace the whole piece of skirting, which does not seem worth it (although I have not checked as yet).

I have some pictures (see the last two pictures specifically) and the colour details are as follows:

Colour name: S. White

Paint Code: 040FE18

Thanks allthumbup.gif

p.s if anyone knows any members who live in Thailand, I would love to be put in contact as any Yaris owners would be much appreciated.




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In the UK there are paint specialists who would repair that scratch so it would become invisible..

If you search for Chips Away .. that will give you some idea.

I am sure Thailand would have something similar.

(Most main dealers in the UK will use them for small paint repairs)

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