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Avensis Front Indicator Lens

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ok, how does the front indicator lens cover fit on to the car?

Mine has "popped" out and there must be something missing.

I have 3 long "fins" on the lens that I can see will fit in the hole mounting. But there is no way for the lens to hold there. I expected to see a J shaped piece of plastic that snaps in place, but there is no evidence of anything broken on the lens cover.

how does the lens cover stay in place?

many thanks.

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There aren't any screws/fixings to hold the indicator in, except one of the fins should have an L-shaped end that slots into a catch on the car - sorry I can't explain it much better than that! Compare with the indicator on the other side, it can be removed by inserting a long flat-bladed screwdriver into the hole directly behind the headlight and pressing down on the retaining catch

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"one of the fins should have an L-shaped end that slots into a catch"

This is what Im expecting. But there isnt anything like this and no sign that its broken off. I tried to look at the other side, but the screen washer filler tube is in the way and I didnt want to go and force something off when I wasnt even sure how it came off. I'll have another look at the weekend.

Many thanks.

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