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Avensis Orange Engine Mil

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Dear Gentlemen,

the orange Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) on dash board remains on while engine is running. The car is a 2001 Avensis, 1.8 VVT-i, ZZT-FE .

Please note that the car is working fine and scheduled servicing is up to date.

Few days ago when I tried to start the engine, all electricity suddently shut down. I disconnected the Battery and re-connected, electricity re-established and the engine could re-start normally. The MIL went OFF, but few hours later it switched back ON.

I disconnected the Battery again and reconnected, the MIL went OFF and back ON few hours later.

My question is: what are the possible problems that will cause the MIL to remain ON while engine is running? And what can be done in this case.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.



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The MIL indicates a fault in the engine management system. It can be one of many things but as the car is running ok it is probably a failed sensor. There are many of these and you need a code reader to establish the cause. A diagnostic check at a garage could cost up to £85 but you can get a code reader from Ebay for a fraction of this. Make sure the one you buy is suitable for the year of your car.


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Hi anol,

I had the exact same problem years back when i had my 2001 Avensis 1.8 sr, i would disconnect the Battery more or less daily to get rid of the eml light coming on...then i learnt it was easier to just pull out the efi fuse (i think you call it) to reset the eml light...finally had it diagnostic checked and found it was a left bank o2 sensor...which i purchased but never got around to fitting as i traded the car in due to numerous other problems i had with it...but i hear once you replace one sensor...the rest eventually follow!

Goodluck and takecare.

Just to add, its fine to drive your car with the light on (although its annoying i agree) but you may find you'll have a higher fuel consumption and maybe a stronger smell of petrol burn...unless it was just my car at the time!

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